Why Organic Cotton Matters

We have always felt a certain accountability to the world to try to do better. There are a lot of things that we know we can do to make things better, frankly, we don’t, and we know it. Be it the cost, be it the effort, certain choices are made over others. When it comes to apparel it’s no different. There are a lot of things that the apparel manufacturing industry does which isn't keeping the planet's best interests in mind.

We are trying to change that. We wanted to start a business from the ground up, and challenge ourselves to do the right thing. We're not perfect but we're trying to do better.

How We Did It

We started with a circular approach. We constantly thought of what would happen to our product at the end of its useful life. That’s why we are 100% natural fibre based; because we know that our products will return to the earth and break down.
jude and laurel organic baby clothes organic clothing

Only the Best

We strive to find innovative ways to make the basics you love for your family, using textiles that will go back to nature once you’re done loving them.

Blending synthetic fibres with natural fibres is quite common. The thing that makes it challenging is what to do with all of these textiles when they are at the end of their useful life?T he reality is a lot of these textiles, be in in the shape of clothes, manufacturing off-cuts, and waste, the vast majority end up in landfills.

The natural portion biodegrades, but the synthetic portion remains.

Holding it Together

There are a lot of attachments and hardware on our clothes where synthetic fibres need to be used or blended with other fibres. Not in our case. We’ve challenged ourselves to make all of our product from 100% natural origin materials. We’ve even attached our paper hang tags with cotton cord rather than those little plastic doodads. We haven't found an alternative for our elastic waistbands but we're looking for one and you'll be the first to hear about it when we've found one!

We don't use the poly-blend thread - all natural over here!

The Future

Our dream? To make a line that is 100% natural fibre based that will naturally degrade and return to nature when its time is up.