Our Story


We've worked in the apparel industry for years and were proud to be part of making good products for international brands. But our perspective started to shift when we had kids and started to think of apparel's impact on our children's health and the planet we'd be leaving them.
In the lookout for fashionable, eco-friendly organic apparel brands, we realized that choices were pretty limited. In some cases, the quality and materials used were questionable. From the use of highly synthetic dyes, the applications of plastic graphics & decals, blending polyester and other plastic based fabric along with organic cotton - we realized that the pioneers of 'organic' apparel were held back by their supply chain.
We also noticed that lots of baby clothes brands have an overwhelming choice of styles and colours, when in reality, we had a couple of favourite outfits that we constantly put on our sons. These were essential pieces in contemporary and classic colours that you could easily pass on to a friend and their babies. 

Jude & laurel was inspired by our challenges finding quality essentials for our loved ones. We hope that you love the pieces we bring to you. We also hope you love them as much as we do and share them with your friends and family. 

We've personally visited farms, communities, mills and producers, stepping through the whole supply chain, carefully sourcing every component of our products.

Our products are designed with longevity in mind so once you’re done with a garment pass it along to the next in line. Once one of our garments is nearing the end of its useful life, know that since it is 100% natural fiber made, it will return to nature.