10 Eco-Friendly Resolutions That You Can Do!

Happy New Year! As we come into 2020, let’s celebrate a new decade of a greener Earth. To help you make some great decisions, we’ve compiled a list of 20 great, and more importantly, realistic, personal and business resolutions you can make in your life to be more eco-conscious.

  • Alternative transport to work
  • This is on almost everyone’s list every year. But if you’re honest with yourself, you try for a couple of days, and then the excuses are all too easy to grasp. Weather, fatigue, lack of motivation. They’re all there, and they are all fairly valid, but think of the bigger picture! By taking public transport, biking, rollerblading, even unicycling, you help lower emissions. Plus the added bonus of clearing up traffic for the commuters who have to come too far for those options, they get to move along quicker, also lowering emissions! Talk about a win-win!

    bike to work eco-friendly resolution
  • Stop using single use plastic
  • This is one of the biggest changes you can make, and it can be applied in your personal life, and around the office. No plastic cutlery in the lunch area or paper water cups. Splurge for a company logo water bottle, keeping it green and advertising your name at the same time! At home you can avoid the plastic bag epidemic by buying reusable bags. At some stores, Like Lepp’s Farmers Market in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, the 10 or 15 cent charge for a bag gets donated to a charity, so it’s even more worth it to BYOB (and that’s just an example amount many around us)! 

  • Buy local 
  • Yes, yes, we know that the magic of Amazon is nothing short of miraculous. But while there’s nothing like ordering, waiting, and accepting an item all while in your pajamas, why not try shopping locally? There are hundreds upon thousands of local artisans crafting high-quality items that you can buy for personal use or gifts. Most of these are great for the environment, and they support someone’s passion!

  • Plant bee-friendly plants
  • Green thumb or not, we all need to do our part to save the bees. This is a super easy resolution that everyone can do! Plants like peonies, lavender, marigolds, chives, and mint are all wonderful for bees. That’s right! Even herbs help! Check out this website for more foliage to help our little buddies.

    bee garden eco friendly new years resolution
  • Find a zero-waste grocery store in your area
  • One of the coolest things you can implement is eliminating waste while shopping. At most stores you can have them weigh your bags, containers, or jars at the till, then you can fill up what you need from the bulk and produce aisle. You can get the majority of your shopping done there, and there’s finally a use for all the jars that somehow end up in our pantries! Here are a couple of stores in the Vancouver area, where jude & laurel is based, that offers related services: 

  • Bring your own straws
  • While amazing strides are being made in the fast food moguls and restaurant businesses, it’s the simplest thing to just carry your own straw around. Adorable packaged metal straw kits are available at great prices, with cleaning tools!

  • Set aside one day a month to go around and pick up trash
  • This can be a company outing, or an activity to do with friends or family. Grab a bag and some gloves and visit your favourite park, beach, or neighbourhood. You get to spend a couple of hours outdoors in the crisp, clean air, and you clean the Earth as well!

    beach clean up keep it green new years resolution
  • Go as paperless as possible
  • There are countless apps and tools you can use to stay paperless. This is mainly for the business world, but apps like Adobe and Scannable make document scanning and signing easier than ever. No printers or pens needed!

  • Ditch the plastic wrap
  • Let’s face it, the stuff only sticks to itself anyways! Many of our friends swear by beeswax wraps. They are reusable, sustainable, and don’t affect the flavour of your food. They are also easy to refresh if the adhering is faltering, and have wonderful patterns and colours to brighten your day! Here is a great supplier of these wraps: https://www.naturebeewraps.ca/

  • Switch to eco-friendly cosmetics
  • Before any male readers who don’t use “cosmetics” skim past, these can include basic skin care items that are completely universal! All of these products have the same quality as your tried and true name brands. The bonus to these is that the majority are eco-friendly, vegan, and not tested on animals. Also, the price has little to no difference! There are ample brands to choose from, but here are a few of our favourites!

    green earth eco friendly resolutions

    Let’s all strive towards a cleaner decade! Implement some or all of these in your daily life, and send us your triumphs! We love to see people making the world a better place. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, check us out on Pinterest, and let’s all walk along the path of a greener Earth together!

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